Halide Camera App Bewertungen

Old photographer New tricks!

As someone who’s been taking photographs for the past 50 years I have been frustrated by a lack of a coherent camera application for the iPhone. That is, until I discovered Halide! With version 1.9 they have a limited a few minor UI issues and made a vastly superior camera app for the iPhone. I use it daily, I enjoy it, it works so much better than the native app. One of the most brilliant features is the histogram. It sounds like a small thing but it is critical to getting grade exposures on an iPhone. Limiting loss of highlights by using the histogram on every photo is absolutely the best reason I can think of to use this application. I also find it integration with Darkroom to be very helpful. I highly recommend you give this a try. I think you’ll enjoy it

Great camera app

Really has a simple to use and intuitive interface. Ease of use well balanced with a comprehensive and broad set of features for photographers looking to explore and maximize iPhone capabilities.

Raw ability not possible on iPhone 6+

Purchased in hopes of utilizing raw quality files. App Store reflected no compatibility problems yet when installed raw was not available. Contacted developer who confirmed non-compatibility but couldn’t explain lack of compatibility info on the App Store description. Contacted App Store for refund, haven’t heard a peep. Beware of possible compatibility issues.


Simple and beautiful photographs.

A Photographer's App

What more can be said. Fantastic!

Portrait mode better than Apple

Seriously impressed with the new portrait mode updates in 1.9. It gets a nice sharp photo and doesn’t cut off or mess up the blur in and around my glasses unlike the stock camera app. I think this is going to be my new default camera app.

Love it

Wish they supported Live Photos (it’s the only reason I still use the stock camera). Otherwise, flawless.

New update depth mode crash

With the latest 1.9 update, taking an image using Depth mode, then click on lower left to view image - the app crashes. Every time. Is this still a bug? iPhone X with latest iOS 11.4.1

So useful

This app is Handy

Future proof

Fantastic app! Cutting edge features that have the feel of my Leica. 3D feature outlines even hairs! These guys know what I want when I am leaving my SLR at home. Keep up the good work!!!

No zoom!!!

This is a basic camera feature and finding out isn’t available until after you purchase the app is a little annoying.

Can’t go from Customize Toolbar back to camera

I hate bad UI

Tremendous camera app

Flexible and simple. Raw capture. Reasonable price.

App crashes in depth mode - update

With a recent update, the crashing has stopped. I love this app, the depth mode is my FAVORITE and I was pretty upset when it crashed constantly. With the fix in place, it’s stopped and I’m back to using it for taking photos. Thanks for taking my feedback, devs.

🚨 Overhyped

My favorite feature of this app is what it doesn’t do I like that it doesn’t do video or have filters it’s ok but it’s way to basic not worth the money at all Camera-M is the better choice as far as features & value

An iPhone camera with many manual options

I was glad to learn that the app will have a link to the online manual. While automatic program more isn't bad it's nice to understand how to access those features that allow more creativity.

Not so impressive

Somehow I had high hopes from the Halide app. I guess I should have reviewed carefully as there’s no refund policy here. Yes simple features but besides the white balance and ISO controls nothing much stands out. I cannot even edit the RAW within the app, disappointing!! Wish I was able to get a refund.

To difficult for me. Need a refund

To difficult fo me. Would like a refund .

Finally a beautiful UI with intuitive controls

I’ve been searching high and low trying to find an app that was both beautiful and functional and my search is finally over. Buy it, worth every penny!

Great RAW camera app

I wish there is a shutter speed feature.

Live Photo’s

Almost perfect, really satisfied with my purchase. I do really wish the app could do Live Photo’s in jpg only mode, with that I would not even need to open the stock camera app again. It is a really good app developer, thank you.

Please fix metadata

When taking pictures you record your own image sequence. Metadata viewers show 1.jpg 2.jpg etc. Instead of IMG_nnnn.jpg. Also please write Halide in the software field as well as the current version.

Pretty good, but what’s up with the Whitebalance?

This app is actually great. iPhones have desperately needed someone to properly unlock the power of the iPhone hardware for real photography for a while now. Before Halide ProCam was the beat there was. However, this app can become better than ProCam, but it needs to take its users more seriously first. Right now this app is a boutique product that’s designed to look cutesy. That’s cool, but frankly, the stock iPhone Camera App is better at this, and always will be better at doing this, and, it’s redundant because the stock iPhone camera app already *is* this. What we need from Halide is a camera app for power users switching from android to iPhone who are not onboard with the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Specifically, Halide should purchase an lg g5 and take a look at what the manual mode of their stock camera app can do, and then make sure Halide is functionally equivalent to that. Right now LG is setting the benchmark in the mobile photography world with their real power user and enthusiast and professional photographers camera apps. Okay, with that out of the way, what’s up with the manual white balance settings? ‘Sunny,’ ‘florescent light,’ ‘low light,’ are you freaking kidding me? This isn’t a Kodak disposable camera. We deserve granular fully customizable white balance settings, on a sliding scale in Kelvin’s, for our individual artistic vision. It is not Halide’s role to tell the photographer how their photo should look. Sometimes we want a blue tint, sometimes a red tint, sometimes we want a washout look, sometimes we want a literal accurate white balance, but get out of town with this ‘florescent bulb,’ ‘cloudy,’ ‘sunlight’ garbage! This isn’t 1995! It’s astonishing that in the Apple world, no one has managed to make a real photography app that is simple and effective in the way LG has done on their products for 5 years now. You guys can do it! So just do it. Photographers who value their privacy will thank you for it when they can finally ditch android for iOS and not give up the ability to take photos in doing so. Don’t make us choose between our photos and our privacy!

My only camera choice.

Best camera app ever. The only time I don’t use it is when I need burst mode.

Shutter speed controls are very unusable

This app is unstable, unintuitive and overpriced.

Nice! But not silent :'(

I am thrilled by being able to control my photos. Raw quality is wonderful. I very much wish I could turn off the shutter sound in the app!

Image loading bug

I noticed that images do not appear instantaneously with their sharp quality. You have to zoom in and then out of the image for it to be high quality.

Great app, Great devs

Had an issue with the app locking on open. Devs fixed it promptly and it’s gone. Love the speedy fixes!


Sophisticated. Stylish. Full of features. Highly recommended to all iOS users, pro or not. Simply put: you need this application.

Not as expected

Update: 9july2018 The last update was an app killer ! I have no clue what did they do, while taking the pic using manual focus with peaking it's ok, the result in photo album is catastrophic ! Out of focus & blurry ! For my previous review the developer requested to send them an email to their support team which I did including photos, other than automated reply confirming receiving the email they never responded at all !! I'm reducing from 2 stars to 1 star. The idea is good, but in reality it's not, specially there's a free apps that provide exactly same options ! You need to work more on focus, like add focus magnifier beside peaking, AR option is a mystery for me though I searched your website on how to use it no luck. I believe you can make manual controls more easy (have a look into app store for similar apps). Advise: have a think of rewriting the app from beginning & don't stick to old design. Think of making it better !


Very nice app for raw shooters who like program mode on their DSLR. The only missing feature is square aspect ratio. I shoot mostly for Instagram and having a square frame with rule of thirds lines would be nice.

Super interface with flexibility

I have used a few of the more advanced iPhone camera GUIs and most are actually pretty decent but Halide is the best in terms usability, flexibility, stability in my opinion. Nice work!

I Like the Idea

A camera is a simple thing, but most apps ignore that and try to add in lots of gimmicks. This one seems to want to keep it simple. It provides what you need to control the camera and the data and not much more. The “wow” features it adds are in support of fast manual capture, IE focus peeking, histogram, raw, and depth maps. It is missing HDR, but in the spirit of simplicity, perhaps just adding a quick automated bracket exposure would be nice so HDR can be done in post, just like the depth map for portrait mode. The app is fast, clean, and deceptively simple to use. It makes manual control simple and provides the tools to make it as fast as possible to see what you are doing when working manually. If you want fast and accurate manual exposure adjustment and maximum quality data output, this does it well. Just be prepared to post-process elsewhere.


Not worth 5 bucks, camera is constantly blurry, pictures are dark, auto focus and manual focus don’t work as described. Unhappy as heck at the quality of this app. Will ask for a refund. Don’t waste time or money on this app.

Nice, but unstable

Using the depth feature, the app crashes constantly. Once it totally locked up my phone. If they can fix the constant crashes, it’ll be a killer app. But what use is a camera app that crashes when you try to use it?


The camera is no different then any other on the AppStore. Nothing special and no burst mode. Unfortunately for me I spent 5.99 on this and I have more features with camera + 2 and it has a burst mode.


The operation couldn’t be completed. (Halide.DepthEffectError error 1.) I am unable to take picture in depth mode. I used a telephoto moment Lens.

Favorite camera app needs long exposure settings

This app gives manual control over I so focus and file types including raw. It’s only missing a long exposure mode for use With tripod. I hope that’s in a future release


I looked at the YouTube videos and the video on the developers site and not at all what I expected and it’s not all gestures have an iPhone X and with the app installed with latest software crashes and kicks me out of the app and also I have to tap any function there is no gestures to be used.. REFUND please ...

On the go SLR features

This is a great augmentation to the iPhone camera. Allows total shutter and exposure control, also manual focus mode.

Easy to Use with a lot of Depth

The interface makes it really easy to figure out how to adjust settings, even for someone with limited photography knowledge. It has become my default camera app.

Unusable, I guess

6/18 Even with a new 6+ with few apps installed it still crashes. I forgot it even exists until I was looking for something to filter out all reds to get a dog’s perspective on things. I suppose I’ll take my dog’s philosophical perspective on this app and just let go... ———————————- Earlier...Constantly crashes on my 6 Plus so I'm unfamiliar with it; all I've experienced with it is like it's any other basic decent manual iOS camera app. There once was a manual but it’s obsolete. Maybe I'll delete other apps until it functions, pepper the devs with questions, or give up.

No comparison...RUN!!!

This app is nothing like Procamera Or Camera+ What a joke. Joke is on me I guess, I just got ripped off. I want my money back. At $5.99 I expected something that works as advertised. This is not a pro-camara in any sense of the word. I had to give it one star, but don't feel it deserves that at all.

It’s ok.

Like others who have reviewed, I’m not totally sold as this being a must have photo app. It does have some nice options and it does work well, but so does my regular iOS camera app. Devs... any thought of having a full screen camera like another very popular app that I use call Flache? Would look very cool behind all the other options on the screen. 4 stars because it works and works well. Just not ready to be my go to camera app right now.

All around fun to use

If you loved fooling around with the settings in your old time SLR, Halide will surely satisfy you. And, no more camera bag with rolls of Kodachrome used to get that one must keep shot.


Not sure what the difference between this camera app and the others. It has nice UI. Easy to use but other than that I wouldn't pay the $5.99 for it. I bought it at the $2.99 price and maybe that is a bit more expensive. Some other one I would recommend would be Camera+ and ProCamera. ProCamera has more features and its a little less expensive than this app. I also have a bug where something keeps crashing every time I open the camera. It does not tell me what at times and other times it just tells me that I cant take a photo but works just fine once I click ok or dismiss, depending on what error it gives me.

Pretty good!

I paid $6 for this app and there's no shutter speed option? EDIT: they have shown me that you can adjust shutter speed

Love it!

This was the first app I got after getting my iPhone X set up in November. Looks and works great!

The best !!!!!

So I downloaded at least 10 paid camera apps. Some of them $6.99. I ended up deleting all of them. I hid apples default camera in some folder. This is the only cAmera app that I currently use. One of the best in controlling focus (blur). Sharp and fast.

Seriously best camera app that I always come back to

Design is great. I had used a couple other apps but this one is hand down the best out there. I really like how it handles portrait mode as well.

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