Halide Camera App Reviews

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Avoid. Far Better Alternatives Available.

WORLD FAMOUS PHOTOSHOP CREATORS HAVE SUPERIOR APP FOR -FREE- SEARCH FOR LIGHTROOM IN APP STORE AND AVOID THIS! If you insist on paying for an app, take a look at some other camera apps with better review scores than this one, because they are out there! Poor effort. App crashes unexpectedly. The app has “auto” features but it doesn’t adjust intelligently like the default camera app does to many situations, which will lead to far inferior photos than the default camera for what I imagine would be a majority of users most of the time. The interface is unintuitive, ugly, and glitchy. I won’t say who, but I work under a major photographer, who downloaded the app with me and has since described it as, and I quote: “utter shit” Contacted support about refunding this on principle and they just ignored me. Developers Ben and Sebastian have a bad product and questionable integrity. Buyer beware.

No comparison...RUN!!!

This app is nothing like Procamera Or Camera+ What a joke. Joke is on me I guess, I just got ripped off. I want my money back. At $5.99 I expected something that works as advertised. This is not a pro-camara in any sense of the word. I had to give it one star, but don't feel it deserves that at all.

Seems to do a good job as a camera but no documentation

How to use the features? How to capture on RAW. Looks like a lot of potential but it needs a link to instructions.

It’s ok.

Like others who have reviewed, I’m not totally sold as this being a must have photo app. It does have some nice options and it does work well, but so does my regular iOS camera app. Devs... any thought of having a full screen camera like another very popular app that I use call Flache? Would look very cool behind all the other options on the screen. 4 stars because it works and works well. Just not ready to be my go to camera app right now.

Charged twice

I loved this app. Until I updated it and was charged the $5.99 again, which I had already paid when I originally downloaded the app. This should be something that is mentioned before updating. I’ve never had this happen and hopefully this can be resolved. Other than that I’d give it 5 stars. But sadly, I won’t be using this app if I’m charged at every update. Ridiculous.

All around fun to use

If you loved fooling around with the settings in your old time SLR, Halide will surely satisfy you. And, no more camera bag with rolls of Kodachrome used to get that one must keep shot.


Not sure what the difference between this camera app and the others. It has nice UI. Easy to use but other than that I wouldn't pay the $5.99 for it. I bought it at the $2.99 price and maybe that is a bit more expensive. Some other one I would recommend would be Camera+ and ProCamera. ProCamera has more features and its a little less expensive than this app. I also have a bug where something keeps crashing every time I open the camera. It does not tell me what at times and other times it just tells me that I cant take a photo but works just fine once I click ok or dismiss, depending on what error it gives me.

Pretty good!

I paid $6 for this app and there's no shutter speed option? EDIT: they have shown me that you can adjust shutter speed

Love it!

This was the first app I got after getting my iPhone X set up in November. Looks and works great!

The best !!!!!

So I downloaded at least 10 paid camera apps. Some of them $6.99. I ended up deleting all of them. I hid apples default camera in some folder. This is the only cAmera app that I currently use. One of the best in controlling focus (blur). Sharp and fast.

Seriously best camera app that I always come back to

Design is great. I had used a couple other apps but this one is hand down the best out there. I really like how it handles portrait mode as well.

My app locked into a screen to set preferences

And I cant get it back into photo mode

Over hyped

Halide has a nice UI and provides a couple of features not offered by Apple’s camera app. But overall it’s lacking. I had high hopes for using this as my main camera app and I’ll watch and see if it evolves further. But at the present, DSLR photographers will find better iPhone camera alternatives. Three stars because it works, but I recommend searching elsewhere.

Black screen

Uninstalled and reinstalled. All permissions are set. Nothing but a black screen when I launch.

App has been great

Up until recently. Has started to crash after taking a photo.

Great camera

Wonderful features including depth setting and indicators on monitor highly recommended . Read the instructions first!

Y los formatos?

Esta aplicación es costosa y entiendo esta bien diseñada, pero donde cambio los formatos a cuadrado 4:3, 16:9, o es que esta aplicación no tiene esta función?

Crashes when Shooting with Depth On

Same prob many people seem to be having. Sounded like a great app, but you cant push productivity when the app crashes shooting a big feature.

Hardly any documentation

The “Manual” (detailed information for a longer read) has almost no information on its four pages. On half the pages the graphics are defective. Clever newly-introduced icons are not explained. Particularly frustrating is The Quick Bar page where there is a guide to what each icon means. All icons are broken on several web browsers I’ve tried. Technical information reads more like an advertisement than an explanation.

Good but not enough

For a price of 6$ the features focused in this app can be found in a 3$ app. Yes, it has a very sophisticated and smart auto focus that gets the perfect shot most of the time, but no, portrait mode is only on the plus and X models of iPhone. Considering that the portrait enhancement is shown on the images and makes it looks good, I would not recommend this for beginners but rather for more advanced photographer!

No manual white balance

I should have gone with other app like pro cam. This one is no better than default app on iPhone. The reason I got this one is to be able to adjust white balance because default app makes my face orange and this one does it too. Waste of money. There is no pro feature like low light exposure. Really wish I could get the money back.

Hook me up with some iPad connection.

The controls and user interface are intuitive and responsive. Keep up the good work.

Loving this Camera!

I’ve been using an IPhone X with the Halide camera for a few months now and it’s become my go to camera! It captures superior photos on auto focus but I also love the manual focus features just to name one of the many other features! I come from a professional DSLR background working with all manual settings of those cameras and I can honestly say that Halide gives me as much or more flexibility and control than my DSLR. Thanks Halide—keep developing but keep it as simple and easy to use as it is right now!

Editing photos

I can’t seem to find a way to edit photos I have taken. I am able to access them but I can’t use them


Probably the best camera app for capturing raw pictures. A very nice UI with easy to use controls, customizable buttons and fun depth effects. Even the framing guide has a satisfying Taptic click to it when you get it lined up. Clever. The only thing that is missing is exposure, shutter and focus lock.

5 Star To Let You Know That

It no longer crashes!

Big disappointment..

Kinda regret spending money on this app.. especially $5. I saw the reviews and told myself to give it a try. After first use, it's really slow and buggy. The loading time fails and I have to restart the app all over again. Please fix this.. I have the iPhone 7 and it shouldn't be having these issues!

Latest update crashes when trying to x2 zoom

iPhone 7+ latest update as of May 1 2018 crashes when you try to hit x2 zoom. Great app but needs another update to fix the issue.

Pretty good app

But missing things like 16:9 image size (which is pretty common in other paid camera apps). I’d LOVE to see portrait mode with 16:9 ratio.

The best camera app for photographers...

This camera app is outstanding in every way. Everything I need for my photography is here and I wouldn’t change anything. The recent update includes tweaks that add polish without adding complexity and it is still a small download. A perfect app.

Well worth it

Fun app to play around with if you enjoy photography and want to toy with some manual settings. Just don't expect better pictures than what the native app offers and be aware that RAW photos take up a lot (seriously a lot) of storage space.


This app is great! There is one glaring thing it needs. It needs zoom. If it had zoom it would be the best app for photos.

Honestly the best.

I haven’t been able to find a better camera app on the store hat gives me as many options as this one does.

The best RAW camera app

This app is definitely the one you want to use if you want to capture RAW photo data. Paid for this last year based on the reviews and I have never been disappointed. The UI is clean and easy to navigate. Anybody who has used the manual settings on a slr/ dslr will not be intimidated. The auto settings are perfect for anybody that just wants to point and shoot as well. There were a few little bugs during adoption, but the constant updates help keep this app running smoothly. If you want complete control of your images don’t use the stock camera app use this one. You won’t regret it.

A fantastic camera for the iPhone

Halide is a fantastic camera for your iPhone. It is well designed and build to take advantage of every possible feature. I’ve used Halide with both an iPhone 6 and and iPhone X. Even on my iPhone 6 Halide helped me feel more like I was using my traditional camera with interchangeable lenses. Focusing and exposure on shots is easy to control if you want to. On my iPhone X Halide sings. The RAW capture capability. The intuitive controls still work great, and the work the team put into supporting the iPhone X shows and makes it worth every penny. The inventive uses of the new screen are welcomed additions. I love using Halide for most of my shooting now because it is so easy to point and shoot in Auto or you can switch to manual and tune as you feel it needs. Just today I found the guide with haptics for lining up a level shot from above to be invaluable. I can’t wait to only take my iPhone X and Halide with me on my next trip and still be able to capture great photos.

Mind blowing

This is one of the top camera apps. The interface is thoughtfully designed. Shooting in RAW is a great option!!!

2x zoom

Default is 1x but when I tap for 2x the app just crashes.. maybe update this? Just bought the app 2min ago and what a bad first impression

Thank you Halide!

One of the things I most missed was the ability to use Halide on my Apple Watch. It didn’t take long for me to find out that if I opened the camera remote app from my watch it switches the app out of Halide and into the native camera app. This was frustrating because I wanted the raw photos to do the best edits. I have taken some spectacular images with Halide. I’ve been testing the app the most here in Iceland now. You can check some of the photos out on Instagram at @hundred_pounds. I edit with Darkroom after taking the photos in Halide with the raw format. I admit that I was cautious to spend on a camera app, but Halide has earned every penny and more. I won’t be mad if you all add some kind of extra features or “How to” for money to increase the professionalism of the shots down the road. I recommend this app whole-heartedly!

Less feature more bug fixes please? :)

The operation could not be completed,The operation could not be completed. Every time I open the app, this message appears. Also for some strange reason it lowers my volume by 2 notches. Not sure why but it vibrates twice and lowers the volume. Otherwise great app. Highly recommended.


Great option to take the picture in RAW.i get great images. It’s hard to figure out some of the options though.

Option to stop mirroring of selfie shots!!!

Please add an option to prevent mirroring of selfie shots after capturing.

Neat Camera with frequent crashes

I enjoy using it and love the responsiveness of the depth camera. Every version I have used on my iPhone X seems to have stability issues though. Looking forward to some new releases that hopefully address the issues I’m having.


Great app!


The stock camera does the same or even better job. Bought it cause i also wanted raw and the other features. Anything else is fine. Good thing is that you can can take a photo with depth and edit it in focos. The stock camera need to be in a certain distance for the depth to work. So it’s a plus. Gave it a couple of more tries comparing different pictures using depth and for the features you're getting just stick with the stock camera.

Useless. Crashes each time.

Crashes each time with depth and portrait enabled. Didn’t save a single picture. That’s the mode I spent $5 on this useless app.

So far...... so good but still testing

Very pleased in the testing stage

Easily the best RAW camera

When it comes to RAW camera apps, I’ve tried them all. No exaggeration. Literally all of them. This one is by far the best. All the others are either missing a feature, or run very poorly. Halide has the best of both worlds. All the manual controls you want, with the stability of a stock app. Crazy fast. Crazy useful. Crazy beautiful design. I’ve officially switched from ProCam 5 which has been my go-to for over a year now.


The lack of zoom was a surprise. Secondly, the focus peaking doesn’t do a great job with faces it seems. So in combination with the lack of zoom while taking photos, it is unclear whether my manual focus is doing a good enough job. None of the tutorials/faqs available thus far do a good enough job to resolve these concerns. Considering the app costs a significant amount, I would have loved the option to test the app before paying so much. :(

Almost perfect

To be 100% perfect this app needs instagram technology for 1 camera portrait mode


I want to love this app. And if it wasn’t for the the lack of a few key features, it would be perfect. Firstly, it needs HDR. This, is the largest block for me being able to use this over the default camera app. After that, my complaints are mostly suggestions: rework the library, maybe change it to the default photos app. Secondly, add manual focus for the depth mode, and finally, if you can, add Live Photos. Despite my complaints, if the company continues to provide updates, then I would consider this app money well spent.

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