Halide Camera App Reviews

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So far...... so good but still testing

Very pleased in the testing stage

Easily the best RAW camera

When it comes to RAW camera apps, I’ve tried them all. No exaggeration. Literally all of them. This one is by far the best. All the others are either missing a feature, or run very poorly. Halide has the best of both worlds. All the manual controls you want, with the stability of a stock app. Crazy fast. Crazy useful. Crazy beautiful design. I’ve officially switched from ProCam 5 which has been my go-to for over a year now.


The lack of zoom was a surprise. Secondly, the focus peaking doesn’t do a great job with faces it seems. So in combination with the lack of zoom while taking photos, it is unclear whether my manual focus is doing a good enough job. None of the tutorials/faqs available thus far do a good enough job to resolve these concerns. Considering the app costs a significant amount, I would have loved the option to test the app before paying so much. :(

Almost perfect

To be 100% perfect this app needs instagram technology for 1 camera portrait mode


I want to love this app. And if it wasn’t for the the lack of a few key features, it would be perfect. Firstly, it needs HDR. This, is the largest block for me being able to use this over the default camera app. After that, my complaints are mostly suggestions: rework the library, maybe change it to the default photos app. Secondly, add manual focus for the depth mode, and finally, if you can, add Live Photos. Despite my complaints, if the company continues to provide updates, then I would consider this app money well spent.

Great App but missing a key feature

The app works as promised but is missing 16:9 photo mode.


My favorite feature of this app is what it doesn’t do I like that it doesn’t do video or have filters it’s ok but it’s way to basic not worth the money at all Doesn’t do the golden ratio grid it doesn’t have flat level and the meta-data feature doesn’t even tell you how much megabytes the photo is taking up Camera-M is the better choice as far as features & value

Not so good, kinda confusing

This just confuses me every time I try to use it, this software and just don’t think alike.

Waste of money.

A complete mess and VERY confusing UI. Is there even a zoom feature on this? If there is, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out how to use it. I’d think that would be a pretty easy and standard feature. Bought this app after reading an article about how great it is for the iPhone X. Bought the X and the app, wish I could give the app back. Spend your money elsewhere.

Awesome app!

The perfect companion app to the standard camera, has all the extra camera controls and manual settings to make it a worthwhile purchase

Hate it. Not useful

Waste of time

Why is there no sound toggle?

Decent app but can't find a way of turning off the shutter sounds without muting the whole phone.

Not that much a great app!

It has Raw file option and nothing....just adjusting exposure that's it no other options or zoom anti shake or other functios like other app...waste of money.

Not impressed so far

The app crashed while testing the 3D Depth feature. Then the UI became unstable and the camera shutter sound played when i wasn’t even taking a picture. The UI is fairly good, but I’m not blown away as the hype around this app suggested. The semi-transparent tap circles around buttons I find frankly a bit ugly and amateurish looking. As for the features, I use format framing modes like square extensively, and I was shocked that a pro camera app would lack framing options. This is something I really want to see added. The seeming lack of long exposure photos is also a big negative for an app designed around manual controls—this was an important tool for me in the analog film days. I do think I’d use this app if photo framing modes were added, but until then it’s just not giving me what I need at a basic level. I understand the designer’s desire to simplify, but as an ex-Apple designer he should know that Apple-esque elegance isn’t just removing features, but providing streamlined common features on top while letting users drill down for more complex options. Though I’d consider taking a square format photo (which came from medium format film cameras, not Instagram) a basic and necessary option for the top level.

Wish it had HDR Support

This app would be great if it had HDR support

So. Stop looking. You’re done.

Yes. This app is as good as everyone says. No, it’s not hyperbole. You’ve been buying camera apps, trying to get better photos without spending more than a few bucks. You’ve been semi-happy with a few, but it feels like you need a different app for every situation. After a while you stop searching, and you wait for the App Of The Day to give you something free. It then, eventually, the app you’ve been waiting for all along comes your way. Halide. Yup. This is The One. Tap, don’t walk, to download this fine piece of software. (I’m personally never downloading another camera app again.)

Lack of portrait tag

Photos that I take with your app don’t have portrait tag so I can’t edit them in Focos app that I’ve paid and bought too. Why NOT?!

Good app

This one makes me almost miss my cannon DSLR ,you can do better with a larger sensor but this app makes up most of the problems of that. MikePhotography

5 Stars!!

This camera app is so good, it’s now my go to app for all photography on my iPhone X. I hid the iOS stock camera app since it’s no longer needed. Halide is better than every other camera app available with way more features. As a professional photographer, I expect quality and easy to navigate features. Halide is a winner! Request: if possible, any way to have an “edit” link for quick edits like crops, or open in other programs etc? Maybe I’m missing this feature.


Total waste of money, all camera apps are. I’ll stay with my 8+ cam.

So Disappointed!

Based on great reviews and Developers’ description, i bought this app and am so disappointed! Focus peak button is great, I’ll give them that. As is the level for BOTH horizontals and verticals. But, so much improvement is needed! (1) app description says it can save in TIFF... not true! Tried every single setting combo, always end up w/ a JPEG or HEIC. (2) when shooting in RAW, Halide only saves a combination file, RAW + JPEG for example, it does not offer the option to save two separate files. Let’s face it, if you know what you are doing with iPhone photography, you know there are cases where RAW is not needed so why not offer both files? (3) WB is either Auto or preset... why not full manual? (4) the metadata peak is a great idea... but it only has basic info and is missing essentials such as file size and mode used (telephoto,...) (5) ISO value is not displayed automatically when in shutter priority, which is an issue... i want to know if i’m going to get grain or what! It can be displayed, but it’s an extra step to tap on it... (6) No Macro mode (7) No Burst mode. (8) Can’t lock focus (9) focus point (displayed as a square) disappears after a few seconds (10) can’t move focus square around... need to re-tap instead (11) can’t separate focus and exposure point Given that this app costs almost 2x as much as, say, Camera+, which does not have any of these issues, i am so disappointed. More than anything, not being able to save in TIFF when the developers affirm it does, is false advertising.

Not impressed at all, no faster than iOS camera app

I’m a bit disappointed with this app, both in terms of its layout and ease of use, and that the portrait/depth mode doesn’t work any better/faster than the native iOS camera app. I bought this after reading a press release on dpreview where they claimed the portrait mode was a lot faster and didn’t take a few seconds like the native one. This doesn’t work any better for me and I’ve gone back to using the native camera app, or a tool like Focus which lets you easily adjust the amount of the simulated depth effect. All and all I just don’t think this app was nearly with the money and camera apps like Camera+ have better and easier to use interfaces for less money. Would return this one for a refund if I could.

Can you make it more amateur friendly?

Hi, I do love this app for its powerful functions, however, I can’t find any instructions or settings, it can be so confused sometimes, like how to use depth camera or how to set the raw or jpeg file, and why the quality of pictures is a bit lower than the original camera can I switch it or something? And the most important thing is when I delete photos, it shows the confirm dialogue every single time.. It can be annoying..

I wish I had more to say

This crashes on my iPhone 6 Plus all the time so I'm unfamiliar with it; so much that all I've experienced with it is like it's any other basic decent manual iOS camera app. Sad, right? There was a manual once upon a time but maybe I'll delete down other apps until it functions and pepper the devs with questions until I figure it out … or give up until I upgrade


Could use a few tune up and add a feature or control or two

Depth causing crashes with latest update

Not sure what happened, but Depth function keeps crashing the app. Hopefully a bug that can be squashed soon.

Just WOW!!

Prior to the most recent update, this was already a Five-Star app! Now that the Depth feature has been updated it has just about all I need in a photo app. Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you for this incredible update!

It’s great but could be better..

Any chance you guys are going to add the feature for zoom?

Latest update ruined this app.

I've been using this for a long time now, and it's been my favorite photo app. However since the March 2018 update, the app has been freezing or lagging tremendously. This is on my iPhone 7. Please fix this, this app is no longer usable for me as I can no longer take multiple photos in quick succession anymore.

It Is Awesome!

Finally .... An app that does what it says. I was hesitant but completely thrilled with my very first shots. I can't believe the difference in my photos.

Changes to make this real pro camera app!!!

Needs Portrait mode to replace the stock camera app. Also mirroring of selfie pics should be an option not default setting!!! New portrait mode is cool!!! Now no more mirroring of the selfies is the next thing this app needs!!!

Gallery view

Please make an option to view image gallery by thumbnail. So difficult to scroll endlessly to search for earlier images. Update: Thanks for the reply regarding gallery view. Just now i found a bug when i swipe right to favourite a picture. After swiping right, the picture got 'shrink'. It back to normal when swipe up or down to the other picture.

Not as good as expected

I take a lot of photos and after reading the reviews I decided to give this app a try. Every photo came out grainy. The stock camera is better than this. I have other photo apps I have paid for that are much better. Refund requested.

Great camera

I’m not any form of professional picture taker so I have no clue what any of the features are but half of the fun is learning. Loads of features and options not sure if it’s worth the $5 but I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth

Love the new AR Depth feature!!!

Everything about this app is great! Love it!!!

My mind was blown away with the AR

The new update has literally Wowed me

The ONLY thing I would ask for now is...

This is my #1 favorite camera application for pure naked iPhone photography. Great updates, great support, great sense of actually photography in the real world. There is ONLY ONE thing I would ask for to make this the only photography app I use... Devs, if your read this, I would love to see an image flip possibility to use with a DoF adapter. So far there is only one app that I know of that can vertically flip the image to use with my Depth of Field adapters and I love using Halide waaaaaay more and would use it ALL THE TIME if it had this support!

Really Good

I love the customization of this app. The features for 3D mapping are awesome. I never knew my phone could take pictures this well! I have noticed some bugs with the 1.7 update (e.g. when hitting “depth” mode, sometimes the camera shutter noise is played), but the app is great overall.

Only the best

This app is so well designed, it’s unreal. After getting my iPhone X, I started reading iPhone photography articles on Medium which is how I found about this app. Ever since installing it, I stop during my everyday routine so that I can capture a beautiful moment. The quick controls and RAW integration allow me to tweak the photo so I can really get the mood that the scene put me in. Previously, my phone camera was just not capable of doing that. Also the developers are very responsive and constantly pushing out major updates. Great work guys!

The depth features are perfectly executed

Sooo goood! Thank you!!!

Great app, great update

Darkroom integration is super handy!

Phenomenal Camera App. Well worth the purchase.

Love it!

The Best Camera App on the App Store

I purchased Halide on launch day and wasn't impressed, so uninstalled it. After a while, I read about the design process of the app and then realized how it was designed in a better way than other camera apps. The designer @sdw surely spent a lot of time on the UX and it makes the app shines. All of the front end stuff needs solid backend support and Halide works perfectly because of that synergy. Each of the updates - 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, could have separate apps on their own and I am sure most people would have paid money for that as well- but to the developers, it is not about penny pinching but delivering the best experience. They surely do. I have never received a prompt inside the app for reviewing the app as well. It is these small details in addition to a spectacular app make me really happy to have bought this app and I plan to keep using it. Can't wait for future updates from the team. 🙌🏻


I love the app ! The design and the ideas behind it. What I suggest to correct is the following : I hate it when I open the app and constantly had to lower the ISO. Please add a setting where you can select to use the most recent configuration instead of always resetting things... continue your great work !


Everything you need that gives you control over the camera that you wish you had, now you do. I’ve deleted all of my other paid and free photo apps. None have the functionality and control nor the display that this app gives you in such a neat and tidy display that just works 100% of the time. Plus the Devs are constantly working on making it better, how I don’t know, but an update comes around every once in a while and it just makes it a little bit sweeter to use. Thank you guys and gals. Even though my iPhone 6 Plus may be old at least my pictures look great. It’s lightweight, but it packs a hell of a punch! I’ve had this since version 1.0.1 and have loved it since day one. I love this app is my favorite photo app!

Seems to not be good for distance shooting

Bought the app hoping it would improve my far away landscape pictures appear more vibrant and more detailed. More detailed in raw for sure pictures come out less muddy than the stock app however when I use manual focus and put it in to infinity mode everything ends up blurry no matter how near or far. Really most pictures past 0.7 or 0.8 are a blurry mess . What gives???

Great app, but needs improvements

Halide is an amazing camera app for your iPhone. In both automatic and manual mode the photos are astonishing. Honestly, it’s so great that I hardly use the iPhone’s camera app. Nothing in the world is perfect and there it can be improvements. Some things that Halide can improve on is speed. I am aware that the latest software update was on speed. When using the app in low light I need to increase the exposure value, this causes the app to slow down. It’s so slow that it prevents you from a taking a photo.

Good but need some features

I’d love to get manual white balance slider for this app. Anyway, this app is a really great one. Plus, I’d like longer shutter speed.

No competition

This is seriously the best camera app to ever hit the App Store. The ability to shoot RAW makes it so that you can actually get the most out of the iPhone camera. This coupled with Lightroom mobile is probably the best app duo for anyone wanting to take iPhone photography to the next level.

A Really Amazing App

This app is legitimately one of the best photography apps that I’ve used for the iPhone. The only thing that I feel that it’s missing is a proper zoom functionality befitting such a well developed camera application.

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