Halide Camera App Reviews

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User interface is really good. I like the gestures. Only used for a day so will update later.

Initial impression

Good quality pictures and easy to use.

Fantastic camera app

It can be a pain to get a refund when buying an app in the App store, so I was very hesitant when buying this app and I can say it was worth every penny. You get so much power on your iPhone’s camera because of this app. 👍 to the developers for making a phenomenal app

Ecstatically Updated Review!

Update: About a day after leaving my initially unhappy review, an update was released. More than that, though, is that I recurved a response to my review to personally let me know about the update. First: Brilliant customer service that they would reach out to let me know about the update. Second: The update fixed the issue I was experiencing; I now see what all the fuss is about with this app! I submitted my info for help via the app regarding errors I keep getting and got an undeliverable message back so at this point I’m incredibly disappointed with this purchase. The app gets great reviews but when I take a portrait photo, it can’t be recalled because of an error. I’m just gonna get the purchase refunded.

Great photo app with excellent support

Had an issue with portrait mode. Reported on here and the dev fixed in the next update.

Portrait on iPhone XS Max is exceptional!

I downloaded Halide after reading several reviews. I’m still learning how best to edit raw photos but wanted to have an app that could truly capture images as the XS Max intended them to be captured. I REALLY like the portrait function in Halide and find it superior to the native functionality on the XS Max. The XS Max tends to highlight the face - and only the face - very well. I like how Halide will detect the torso as well, providing more richness to the portrait than the native camera. I still have a lot to learn but I’m very happy with this purchase.

Best Photography App

This is the best application in the app store that actually takes advantage of the iPhone XS capabilities. For portrait images I would rather use this app than the built in camera app. Now we need a video camera equivalent.

App crashing when reviewing portrait mode photos

Can't view portrait mode photos properly in app, says "there was an error loading the photo" Edit: they fixed the issue now. Props for quick updates!

Stop searching this probably is the best iPhone camera.

Yup I’m one of those, who keep purchasing camera apps with promising manual control and better picture quality. I believe I found one that I will no longer need to keep purchasing. This is simply the best by far.

Wonderful app, and super quick fix of bug

MY UPDATED REVIEW 10/10/18 I had trouble with the app that was clearly a bug and the developers fixed it in just a day. That’s extraordinary customer service. And it’s a great app also. Love the app. Thank you. MY FIRST REVIEW: Every time I click on the photo I can’t view recent photos because the app shuts itself off. I did a reboot of my iPhone XS, but this behavior continues. If someone can help me with this I will obviously change my rating to a higher rating, and if not, I would prefer a refund.

Can’t save depth photos

It’s a neat camera app, but I haven’t had much luck using depth since there’s always an error viewing the picture after taking the shot. Sometimes the app crashes when I try to open the pictures in the library section. Hope there’s a fix for this...


This app is awesome. Just the right amount of settings that an amateur still can understand.

New version has a bug

I get an Asset Fetch error when I try to load a photo I just took with Depth mode enabled. The operation couldn’t be completed. (Halide.HalideAsset.FetchError error 0.)

Fails to load photo every other time

For a $6 app I expected more. I keep getting the error "Operation couldn't be completed" and "fetch error". I want a refund.

Depth mode broken

Each time I take a picture on my XS with the depth mode enabled and then view the pic I took I get the following error “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Halide.HalideAsset.FetchError error 0.)”

So Far I’m Loving It

Just started using Halide so I’m still learning all the controls but so far I’m really loving it. I truly appreciate the attention to detail. I’m very much looking forward to future upgrades to see where this goes. Keep up the great work!

My only camera choice.

Best camera app ever. The only time I don’t use it is when I need burst mode. The new smartraw is truly amazing. Thanks


Every time I try to view a photo I took with halide this error comes up. The operation couldn’t be completed. (Halide.HalideAsset.FetchError error 0.)

Raw deal?

After hearing the promises of a solution for shooting RAW on my new Xs, I picked this app up right away. Unfortunately, the shots I’ve taken all appear grainy. Hopefully, this gets fixed in an update.

Portrait Bug

There seems to be an issue once I take a photo and click the portrait button. It gives me an error and doesn’t show the photo. I was looking forward to the recent update but not sure what this bug is about.

Privacy settings

After installing the latest update I inadvertently said no to location permissions. To correct this I immediately went to privacy settings and there under camera halide was listed as having access to location information. This should not have been the case and it needs to fixed ASAP.

Error Taking Photo

“Error Taking Photo The operation could not be completed” message after taking photos. App crashed with any attempt to open image.

iPhone XS raw isn’t good

When I take a photo which looks good with all the auto settings, and switch to RAW in the viewer it’s always blown out. JPEG is find. What’s the secret to using RAW? Thanks.

Holly power

This app is insane!!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

loved it before new phones (xs)

comparing raw to non raw pics- the raws look a lot blurrier when zoomed in on.

Crashes on 2x lens.

With the latest update, the app crashes if you select 2x lens. Need a fix soon.

Paid $5.99 for nothing.

There’s absolutely nothing different from using the IOS camera. Just different interface. Total waste of money

App crashing since update

When in 2x zoom.

Error after latest update

The operation could not be completed,The operation could not be completed,The operation could not be completed

It’s okay

It’s a good camera app, the manual focus and RAW are good features, however this app seems to be lacking in image stabilization. A photo I take with this app will not be stabilized yet perfectly stabilized if I use the stock camera app. Another thing that is less than satisfactory is the depth feature, it over-softens edges and looks bad. Not a bad app, just not worth $6...

Best support!

This company is doing great work with iPhone camera hardware. If you are serious about taking the best pix with your new iPhone : You Need Halide! The hard work they are doing on the new XS is needed and appreciated.

Over rated

This camera app has many shortcomings. Touted as one of the best....not.

Best Camera App and It Isn’t Even Close

This app has everything that you would expect from a good camera app on iOS, RAW capture, manual control, histogram, etc. Where it excels is in the execution and extra features. It even has a feature where you can use AR and place a picture with depth data and walk around it. I can’t imagine the iPhone camera without Halide.

This is it

A very nearly perfect camera app for those who have no interest editing on their phone, but need a fast, intuitive way of capturing RAW images for desktop editing (ie. Lightroom) later. I went through at least 10 camera apps (including Lightroom Mobile) before finding Halide, and the search is very definitively over.


Probably the most intuitive manual camera app I’ve used. And definitely the best I’ve tried so far.

Old photographer New tricks!

As someone who’s been taking photographs for the past 50 years I have been frustrated by a lack of a coherent camera application for the iPhone. That is, until I discovered Halide! With version 1.9 they have a limited a few minor UI issues and made a vastly superior camera app for the iPhone. I use it daily, I enjoy it, it works so much better than the native app. One of the most brilliant features is the histogram. It sounds like a small thing but it is critical to getting grade exposures on an iPhone. Limiting loss of highlights by using the histogram on every photo is absolutely the best reason I can think of to use this application. I also find it integration with Darkroom to be very helpful. I highly recommend you give this a try. I think you’ll enjoy it

Great camera app

Really has a simple to use and intuitive interface. Ease of use well balanced with a comprehensive and broad set of features for photographers looking to explore and maximize iPhone capabilities.

Raw ability not possible on iPhone 6+

Purchased in hopes of utilizing raw quality files. App Store reflected no compatibility problems yet when installed raw was not available. Contacted developer who confirmed non-compatibility but couldn’t explain lack of compatibility info on the App Store description. Contacted App Store for refund, haven’t heard a peep. Beware of possible compatibility issues.


Simple and beautiful photographs.

A Photographer's App

What more can be said. Fantastic!

Portrait mode better than Apple

Seriously impressed with the new portrait mode updates in 1.9. It gets a nice sharp photo and doesn’t cut off or mess up the blur in and around my glasses unlike the stock camera app. I think this is going to be my new default camera app.

Love it

Wish they supported Live Photos (it’s the only reason I still use the stock camera). Otherwise, flawless.

New update depth mode crash

With the latest 1.9 update, taking an image using Depth mode, then click on lower left to view image - the app crashes. Every time. Is this still a bug? iPhone X with latest iOS 11.4.1

So useful

This app is Handy

Future proof

Fantastic app! Cutting edge features that have the feel of my Leica. 3D feature outlines even hairs! These guys know what I want when I am leaving my SLR at home. Keep up the good work!!!

No zoom!!!

This is a basic camera feature and finding out isn’t available until after you purchase the app is a little annoying.

Can’t go from Customize Toolbar back to camera

I hate bad UI

Tremendous camera app

Flexible and simple. Raw capture. Reasonable price.

App crashes in depth mode - update

With a recent update, the crashing has stopped. I love this app, the depth mode is my FAVORITE and I was pretty upset when it crashed constantly. With the fix in place, it’s stopped and I’m back to using it for taking photos. Thanks for taking my feedback, devs.

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